please submit a short single spaced reflective essay in response to the each of the following questions topics 1

If you could amend/change the U.S. Constitution in any way, please explain what you would amend/change, and why you feel that it would be beneficial to the nation.

-If you were a member of Congress which committee(s) would you most like to serve on, and why?

What is the most important civil liberty to you, and why?

-Should abortion be legal? Please explain your position. If yes, should there be any restrictions (be specific).

-Do you support the continued use of the Electoral College to elect the president, or would you prefer the use of a national popular election, and why?

take 1-2 pages to answer the question. This assignment will be worth 100 points. Please use correct grammar and syntax. Use 12pt “Times New Roman” font, and standard MS Word margins (1″ top/bottom & 1.25″ left/right). You must submit the document in one of the following formats: