please watch and take notes on marshall mcluhan

Understanding Media (Links to an external site.)Film from 1960s made with Marshall McLuhan talking about all aspects of his theories, along with commentary and montages by filmmaker. McLuhan discusses Art and the Electronic time we live in; TV and its effects upon subjectivity, educational values, and “the global village”. Much of what he says, though “dated” is useful for comprehending today’s immersive environments and social media.

56 minutes.

For Further Understanding:

Short film on The Medium is the Message, (Links to an external site.)2 mins

The Medium is the Message – Animated Book Review. (Links to an external site.)4 mins 49″

Quotes from the film (Links to an external site.)

Respond to the following in answers of under 200 words each.

1. What is important is that the way we refer or treat our responses of a new medium. Old values brush against new information. How does McLuhan describe this. What do you think he means by ‘environments’ ? What examples of old and new technologies does he use in his arguments? What are the properties of the new mediums he describes ( i.e. the telephone, “goggles”, phonetic alphabet) which affect the way we perceive our bodies?

2. Find 3 -5 examples of personal identity issues which McLuhan says are affected by this new TV era/Electronic Age. Name the effects on one’s identity (i.e. role playing, fashion) and describe the context in which he discusses them.

3. The “global village” is one of the most visceral metaphors ever contributed to our study of art, media, and communications. What does McLuhan say about his contribution: “the global village” ? Give 3 -5 examples of how “the global village” manifests in society – in good ways or in bad ways?

4. What distinction does he make between television and the programming which is on television?

Why is television equal to scuba diving?

5. The film discusses and summarizes “changes” from the perspective of McLuhan. List which “changes” the film documents. Which points McLuhan makes which resonate with your own ideas/perceptions of social media? Give at least one example.

Answer each question one by one and please note the number of question. thank you.