please write 2 3 pages double spaced critical evaluation next to normal show

While this is not a formal essay, your paper should include an introduction and conclusion to your critique. See the breakdown below for more details.

PLEASE NOTE to receive full points, ALL aspects of the rubric must be completed. You must also upload a photo of your ticket stub with your name on it. If you do not include the ticket stub you will automatically lose 5 points on the assignment.

FORMAT: 2-3 Pages, 12pt. Font, Double Spaced, Section Headers: Introduction, Acting, Set Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Sound Design, Directing, and Personal Reflection (Conclusion).

Please see the breakdown for each of these sections:

Introduction – In this section please give an introduction to the show your paper is about, providing either a quick summary of the story and initial thoughts you had coming into the show.

Acting – Observe how ONE or the cast as a WHOLE utilize their voice, body, and the character choices they make. Are there specific moments that stand out to you?

Set Design – Observe the set design of the play, notice if anything stands out to you? What design elements are being utilized? Can you get the sense of the time period, is it naturalistic or more abstract? How does this set impact you?

Costume Design – Observe how the costume designs relate to the time period, setting, and characters of the play. Is it a cohesive look, or more abstract? Are there characters with extravagant costumes and those with more simple ones?

Lighting Design – Observe the lighting of the play, notice if anything stands out to you. Do the lights create shadows on the set pieces or the actors? What color lights are being used? Is it predominantly a dimly lit show or full of bright lights? How does the lighting impact you?

Sound Design – Observe the sound of the play, notice if anything stands out to you? From the moment you walk into the theatre, is there music playing? Does the play open up with a sound or music, are there soft sounds or hard sounds? How does the sound impact you?

Director/Music Director- Observe the way that actors are placed on the stage, how they move and the way they enter and exit scenes. All of this contributes to directing! Provide specific details of what you are observing in the performance.

Personal Reflection (Conclusion) – Talk about your overall personal experience with this play. Was it eye-opening, life-changing? Did you see the correlation between class discussion and the production? Did you find your mood changing as the production went on? What things did you like or didn’t like about the production, and why?