police and community relations 8

Community Policing Future Outlook

You are tasked with developing a PowerPoint presentation that explores the potential changes (i.e., challenges and advantages) that could impact community policing in the future. You are expected to explore this topic from the perspective of a criminal justice agent working in the field of criminal justice.

Using what you have learned throughout the course about the history of community policing, community dynamics and involvement, implementing community policing, community policing partnerships, community policing strategies, gang control, violence and terrorism prevention, and future community policing outlooks, develop a PowerPoint presentation that explores the potential challenges and advantages of forecasted changes in community policing. The slides should contain and address the following components:

  • title slide (course title, presentation title, name of the presenter);
  • brief overview of current community policing strategies;
  • potential changes (challenges and advantages) that could impact the sustainability of community policing in the future;
  • potential challenges related to changes in community policing;
  • potential advantages related to changes in community policing;
  • potential solutions for addressing changes in community policing;
  • justification for proposed solutions;
  • plausibility and logistics of the implementation of the proposed solutions;
  • anticipated impact of the forecasted changes (challenges and advantages) on the sustainability of community policing; and
  • references.

This presentation will need to be a minimum of 10 slides. There must be a minimum of one slide for each of the required components of your outline. The information provided on each slide must clearly address the required component that is being presented on the slide.

At least three sources must be cited in APA format throughout the PowerPoint presentation. At least one of the citations must come from peer-reviewed sources (e.g., academic journals). All references used in the PowerPoint presentation must also be cited on the references slide. Do not include any references on the reference slide that were not cited in the PowerPoint presentation.