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POL 100 Exam #3—Due Date: November 23, 2019@11:59 PM via Canvas

Total – 125 points

Part 1: Current Events (total- 20 points)

1. Answer the following questions from the following YouTube videos and class discussion: “The rise of protests around the world, explained” by Global News and “Why are people protesting around the world” TRT World.

a) What do the protests have in common? (2 points)

b) List three of the countries mentioned and the government reaction to the protests. (2 points each—6 points total)

c) What is the role played by social media in these protests? (2 points)

2. In Bolivia what were the reasons behind the resignation of President Evo Morales? What role did the military play in his announcement? (5 points)

3. What were the results of the election in Spain? Who will be the three largest parties in the new Chamber of Deputies? (5 points)

Part I: Europe and Russia

From YouTube Videos and PowerPoint on Europe (25 points total)

1. According to the video “What Angela Merkel’s exit means for Germany” describe the impact that Chancellor Merkel has had on Europe and the world and what led to her decision to leave office at the end of her term in 2021? (5 points)

2. According to the video “How do German elections work” describe how election to the German parliament is done. What is “proportional representation?” Why does the German constitution put all governmental power to the legislative branch? (5 points)

3. According to the YouTube video “Who wants independence in Europe”? Writeabout three countries in Europe with significant separatist movements and why they are seeking either autonomy or independence? (5 points)

4. Describe how Vladimir Putin gained power in the video “From spy to president: The rise of Vladimir Putin.” What events have shaped his world view and his relations with the four US presidents he has negotiated with since 1999? (5 points)

5. What were the reasons behind Russia decision to hold a summit in Sochi between the Russian Federation and African Union countries? What opportunities does Russia see in fostering more trade with Africa? How will they compete with China, the EU, and the US in Africa? (5 points)

Part II: Middle East

From the YouTube video “Israeli Settlements Explained”

1. What are the settlements on the West Bank? Why does the international community view them as illegal? Why is it considered an impediment to a peace agreement? How many people live in the settlements? Why do so many people live in the settlements? Howe does Israel entice them to settle there? How much land is used for the settlements? (5 points)

2. In the settlements what law applies to the Israel settlers and what law governs the Palestinians living there? Explain the difference. ( 5 points)

From the YouTube videos “”The Wall? Israel’s response to Palestinian terror” and “Israel’s Wall: Security or Apartheid?”

1. Compare and contrast the Israeli and Palestinian view of the wall built to separate Israel and the Palestine in the West Bank. After reviewing the videos—is it a “security fence” or an “apartheid wall?” (5 points)

From the YouTube videos listed on the syllabus:

1. Explain the cold war between Saudi Arabia and Iran and it effect on the Middle East? Where is background to the rivalries between the two countries? (5 points)

2. Who is the president of Egypt and the prime minister of Israel? Why is the relationship between both countries described as “complicated?” (5 points)

3. Describe the challenges faced by Turkey and the political power of their president? (5 points)

4. Describe each of the following videos. List 5 main points for each. (5 points each—25 total)

a) Geopolitical Analysis for 2019: Middle East (11:47)

b) Saudi Arabia Geopolitics (17:32)

c) Geopolitics of Turkey in Asia (10:56)

d) Geopolitics of Turkey in Europe (10:56)

e) Geopolitics of Iran (6:55)

From the PowerPoints: The Middle East Shatterbelt (25 points total)

1. What was the “Arab Spring?” What were some of the uprising successes and what is its most notable failure? (5 points)

2. What is the Arab League? When was it formed and why was the organization first founded? (5 points)

3. What is the OIC? What is its mission? What role does the Islamic Development Bank play? (5 points)

4. What is OPEC? When was it founded? How does OPEC operate? What are the largest countries in the Middle East with known oil supplies? (5 points)

5. How many members are in the Israeli Knesset? What are the largest political parties in the Knesset? (5 points)