position argument essay should freedom of speech be an absolute right for all citizens or should government decide which speech must be limited

Keep in mind that the First Amendment does not sanction the following types of speech anyway:

1- Incitement to illegal activity and/or imminent violence

2- Defamation and libel

3- Obscenity

4- Threats and intimidation

5- False advertising.

  • Research: Find four articles on this subject, two making the case against and two making the case for them. Choose only from reputable websites.
  • Brainstorming: Based on your experience and what you’ve read in those sources, make a list of reasons for and against, then decide where you stand on the issue and formulate your thesis statement.
  • Writing the essay: In a well-organized essay discuss this issue and support your claims with quotes and information from your sources. Devote a good part of your paper to presenting the opposite point of view and respond to it. Avoid fallacies and emotional or vulgar language.