post about the two reading

For this blog post, please read Regales, “Transgender Zines” and Sinor’s “Another Form of Crying.” After reading the two articles, in 300-350 words please respond to the following:

1) what is the thesis/argument for each article? Summarize in 2-3 sentences. How do the authors unfold their introductions? What information do they include in the introduction?

2) Describe how Sinor writes her image analysis at the very beginning of the article (240-241). Use the Mike Bunn “Read like a Writer” method to describe what rhetorical moves she makes in order to analyze and interpret the image. This is a perfect example of image analysis–what I’m looking for in your papers.

3) What is the relationship between authorship and identity in each article? How does Regales describe and discuss the relationship between being Trans and writing a zine versus how Signor describes young female writers who make life zines. Please define what a life zine is.

Please use 1 quote from each article as evidence to support your discussion of the two.