post graduate career planning 1

Your article is titled ‘Post Graduate Career Planning’.

The article should start by stressing the importance of post-graduate career


The first section should cover the benefits of employment and the types of company a graduate should look for short and long term. Small enterprises as well as large companies should be considered in addition to private and government employment.

The second section should look at the benefits of post-graduate study. This should consider building on the first degree as well as taking further qualifications in a different area to change or widen knowledge.

The third section will be the largest section and will deal with self-employment.

The section should start by introducing the reader to the general concept of innovation and entrepreneurship and consider the personal characteristics required by someone who will successfully launch their own business.

The risks that innovators and entrepreneurs take should be considered before considering the rewards of a successful entrepreneurial venture.

Using reliable sources, the article should go on to outline sources of support available to small businesses in Oman, the importance of taking advice and having contact with other people who have started their own enterprises.

The next part of the article should look at the importance of planning and the development of the business plan. This section should look at the areas that a business plan should cover and the value of a detailed SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.

The article should conclude by outlining the various initiatives within Oman that encourage graduates to start their own businesses.

1500 word count + harverd style