Assignment Overview

This Module 3 Case Assignment has two functions. First, it helps you develop and demonstrate your understanding of the topics in Module 3. Second, it will help you to develop your business presentation skills.

Case Assignment

For this assignment, your deliverable will be a PowerPoint Presentation. You will draw on the background material to prepare your presentation.

You will prepare a presentation that addresses the following questions:

• What are the difficulties associated with making assumptions in a negotiation?• Why is information important to a successful negotiation process for both sides?• How can creative thinking, building of trust, and making appropriate concessions help those on both sides of the negotiating table?

Your PowerPoint presentation should be professional with a recommended length of 8 to 12 slides. Please use the notes section of the slides to explain your slide content in detail. Be sure to include citations in both the body of the presentation and notes as well as a “references” slide.

You can read about how to prepare an effective PowerPoint presentation at the following reference:

National Conference of States Legislatures (NCSL). (2017). Tips for making effective PowerPoint presentations. Retrieved from