Primary Source Analysis Project. Read and answer questions

Based on your examination and analysis of the documents and citing evidence from them to support your answers, write an analysis answering the following questions:

1. It may be difficult for modern Westerners to fully grasp how extensively religion shaped the worldview of people in earlier times. In what ways do these sources reveal such a religiously based outlook on life? How was occupation by armies bearing an alien religion actually experienced?

2. To what extent was the posture of European Crusaders toward Muslims, Jews, and Eastern Christians similar? Do you notice any differences?

3. Which of the outcomes of the Crusades would have been pleasing to Urban II? Which would have disappointed or appalled him?

4. To what extent did these sources exhibit any genuine understanding of other people? Did they show any nuance in their portrayal of the ‘other?’ Or given the conditions of the Crusades, is this too much to ask?

Your analysis should be 3 to 5 pages in length and uploaded here. Please save your analysis as a Word document.