: Privacy and Mini-Cameras

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Question 1: Privacy and Mini-Cameras


Consider the question of mini-cameras (Google Glass, for instance) and security. How do you think these types of devices affect privacy? Do you think there will come a time where these types of cameras will be so small that they’ll be impossible to detect?






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Question 2: Global Positioning Systems (Military vs. Civilian)


Please read the following paragraph, from a section of a government article entitled, “Is Military GPS More Accurate than Civilian GPS?”

The accuracy of the GPS signal in space is actually the same for both the civilian GPS service (SPS) and the military GPS service (PPS). However, SPS broadcasts on one frequency, while PPS uses two. This means military users can perform ionospheric correction, a technique that reduces radio degradation caused by the Earth’s atmosphere. With less degradation, PPS provides better accuracy than the basic SPS (GPS.gov, 2014).

Do you feel that the general public should be able to use the PPS system rather than the SPS system for GPS navigation in order to take advantage of the system’s accuracy? Why or why not?



GPS.gov. (2014). GPS accuracy. Retrieved April 3, 2014, from http://www.gps.gov/systems/gps/performance/accuracy/