program analysis only needs to be added 300 words

******All I have to do is add 300 words and more references. Do not add more to the conclusion. I will attach the paper that needs to be added only 300 words, more references and revised******

Program Analysis Paper


You will be conducting an in depth analysis of one of the six (6) main Federal social welfare programs.

As is done in social advocacy work in the field, it is important to convey your message
succinctly, clearly, and with concrete evidence. Include hard hitting facts that will make the
biggest impression on your stakeholders (legislators/policy makers). This type of “white paper” is used to quickly inform stakeholders on your issue and what they can do to improve the program/policy.


You will pick one of the six programs (below) on which to write your white paper. It can be any program you are most interested in or passionate about.

Welfare Programs


● Public Housing –…

(12 point font) and formatting should be done in such a way that it makes it easy for stakeholders to read and absorb the information.

Please refer to the following White Paper sections of the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) website for examples and instructions:

● Purpose and Audience –…

● Organization and Other Tips –…

● White Paper PPT Presentation –…

Make sure to :

  • identify specific problems and/or issues with your chosen welfare program.
  • parallel the “Introduction / Summary” and “Background / Problems” sections as described on the Organization and Other Tips page of the Purdue OWL site.Note: Make sure you are using credible sources to back up your issue identification and suggestions – this is not based on your opinion. Use footnotes instead of in-text citations. Writing a white paper is very objective and should never include first person.

Table of Contents

  • Intro & History
  • Presenting Issues
  • Proposed Solutions
  • Social Work
  • Implications & Conclusion
  • References