Project Management Bonus Assignment

Project Management Bonus Assignment

Joe and Noël have just gotten engaged. Seeing as they are both business students, they thought that they’d try to plan

out their wedding preparation as a project. Here’s the WBS they’ve determined is necessary for a simple but elegant wedding. Assume all durations are deterministic. Although perhaps not realistic to real wedding planning, use the standard calendar in ProjectLibre or MS Project (activities occur on business days and non-holidays only, 8 hours working time).

Task ID Task Name Duration Predecessor
1 Begin Wedding Planning (milestone) 0 days
2 Select Site&Date 3 wks 1
3 Hire Officiant 1 wk 2
4 Hire Caterers 2 wks 1
5 Pick Menu 4 days 4
6 Order Invitations 2 wks 2,5
7 Sent Invitations to Guests 1 wk 6
8 Collect RSVPs 6 wks 7
9 Tell Caterer headcount & Order food 1 wk 8
10 Shop for Wedding Gown 4 wks 1
11 Select Bridesmaids Dresses 4 wks 10
12 Bride goes on Diet 6 wks 10
13 Get Wedding Gown altered 2 wks 12
14 Get Bridemaids’ Dresses altered 4 wks 11
15 Order Flowers 2 wks 11
16 Audition Mariachi Bands 3 wks 2
17 Select and Sign on Band 1 wk 16
18 Select Grooms Tux 2 days 10
19 Select Best Man& Usher’s Tuxes 2 days 18
20 Wedding Day (milestone) 0 days ????

Based on the project you created, answer the following questions. Please note that each question is independent and not built upon each other.

a) If Joe and Noël start wedding planning on October 1, 2020, when is the wedding day?

b) What is the critical path? List all critical tasks in chronological order.

c) Will the critical path change if Noël decides she needs two extra weeks for the Bridal Diet? If yes, what is the new critical path and when should the wedding be held?

d) Assume that band auditions take twice as long as expected. Does this affect the wedding day? If yes, when should the wedding be held?

e) If they want to get married on 2/14/2022, when do they have to start the wedding planning?

f) Determine what predecessors need to be listed to make sure everything is done by the wedding day without needlessly checking things? Noël is going to be nervous enough without having to check to see if each of the 18 tasks are complete at the end