project management plan 27

Using the scenario that was selected by you in Week 2;

Write a 1200 word paper that contains:

a 800-word section regarding a Risk Management Plan in which you include the


· Identify potential risks (there should be at a minimum 3 risks identified) for the project and discuss how you

developed/determined the list (i.e. there are various techniques to identify risk….one is to use a brainstorming session) . NOTE: These are risks for the project….not risks that will occur once day-day operations of the project

begins….focus on the project phases here.

· Discuss the likelihood and impact analysis of those identified risks. Do not just say the risk is “High” and leave it at that, you need to discuss the way you arrived at/performed the analysis. Discuss for each risk you have


· Discuss how you will manage (i.e. mitigate, accept, transfer, etc) each of those risks you have identified.

As a hint….that is 3 topics/areas to discuss which means there should be 3 sections/areas in this portion of the paper body….DO NOT try to combine all 3 areas into a single paragraph for each risk. So for example you should list/discuss Risk and how determined in one section….then move on to likelihood/impact in a new

paper section, etc…..this creates a logical flow of how the risk plan is developed.

a 400-word section regarding a Project Control Plan in which you discuss control mechanisms for this project.

Format your project plan consistent with APA guidelines.