project paper choose from 12 topics

Course Project Topics

1. Multi- User Operating Systems

2. Microsoft Windows File System

3. Linux File System

4. Mac File System

5. OS Performance of RAID

6. Time-Sharing Systems

7. Routers Operating System

8. Clustering

9. Remote Procedure Calls

10.Client Server Architecture

11.Distributed Computing Environment

12.Google page ranking policy in terms of google file system.

Some instructions regarding the Project

1. Project presentation of at least 12 core slides

2.Use at least six references and follow academic integrity rules in terms of

referencing and in text citations.

43 Follow the APA style in writing. The following link is giving hands on APA


First of all i need a project proposal as fast as possible so i can submit but the real work due date is:

Submission due date is 12-10-2019.

The proposal is maximum of one core page to show the main idea, expected work space and expected results. So the proposal should name the topic that you are going to work on with a description and expected results . Don’t forget to list all the references that you used them in writing your proposal 🙂