Pseudocode for The Left To Right Algorithm and Lawnmower Algorithm

What to Do

  1. Write your own pseudocode for the left-to-right algorithm, and the lawnmower algorithm.
  2. Analyze your pseudocode for the algorithm mathematically and prove its efficiency class.
  3. Implement all the skeleton functions in disks.hpp. Use the disks_test.cpp program to test whether your code works.

Finally, produce a brief written project report, Your report should include the following: (.docx file)

  1. The two pseudocode listings, for the two algorithms. (from #1 above)
  2. A brief proof argument for the time complexity of your two algorithms. (#2)

For the coding part:-

in the github project zip file, inside disks.hpp there are //TODO: comments, that is where to write your implementation of the functions.

please do not change any of the other code/files, just complete the 4 functions for the coding part.

make sure it passes the test.cpp and compiles fine using the Makefile.