pseudocode program

Question Description

1. A pseudocode program contains the following function definition:

Function Integer cube(Integer num)

Return  num * num * num

End Function

Write a statement that passes the value 4 to this function and assigns its return value to the variable result.

All you have to do for this question is to make a call a function and assign the result to a variable. You Do NotT Need To Write the Function, just the function call.The function is already provided to you in the scenario.

2. Design a function named timesTen that accepts an Integer argument. When the function is called, it should return thevalue of its argument multiplied times 10.

For this question have to create a function with the name “timesTen”, the function will need to accept an integer argument being passed into it, and it should return the number passed in times 10.

3. Design a function named getFirstName that asks the user to enter his or her first name, and returns it.

In this one you need to create a function named getFirstName. The function does not need to accept any arguments. Inside the function, obtain a user’s name and return that name to the main part of the program