psy 304 week 3 exam

Attached below are the exams and the sources that can be used to answer the questions.

Before completing this review,

Read the following chapters in the course textbook:

Chapter 4: Physical Growth, Health, and Development

Chapter 10: Gender Roles, Gender Identify, Sexual Orientation, Sexuality, and Relationships

Chapter 12: School, Work, and Leisure

Become familiar with the information provided in the web pages required for this week:

Eating Disorders in Teens (Links to an external site.)

Obesity in Children and Teens (Links to an external site.)

Conditions: Anorexia Nervosa (Links to an external site.)

Overweight & Obesity: Childhood Obesity Facts (Links to an external site.)

Teen Eating Disorders: Tips to Protect Your Teen (Links to an external site.)

Preventing Drug Use Among Children and Adolescents (In Brief): Preface

Read the required scholarly article, Impact of Parent-Child Communication Interventions on Sex Behaviors and Cognitive Outcomes for Black/African-American and Hispanic/Latino Youth: A Systematic Review, 1988–2012

Watch the video Transgender and Gender Identity: Clinical Conversations for the Human Sexuality Classroom.

Review the Week 2 Study Guide to support you in preparing for the exam.