psyc 231 case study and powerpoint

This is an example of my case study to model after when you work on yours. However, please be more detailed than what I have outlined. For example, provide descriptive detail in the following areas:

1. Movies with described mental disorder. Give a brief overview in how the movies display the symptoms of the mental health diagnoses.

2. Pharmacotherapy and CAM Interventions. List psychotropic/psychoactive drugs and complementary/alternative supplements that may be prescribed as a form of intervention for the described person discussed in your case history. Be specific in discussing what the drug is prescribed for, the side effects and adverse reactions/risks of each drug and supplement. Use the CAM manual attachment for the supplements and search on, etc. to assist you for the psychoactive meds. You need to list at least 3 supplements and 3 psychotropic/psychoactive drugs

3. Psychotherapeutic Interventions as a form of treatment. List at least 3 psychotherapies and discuss each. Include the theorist, researcher, or psychologist etc that coined the intervention.

*Bonus- If you include a PPT in addition to your written case study, you will receive an extra 10 points.