psyc 4000 personal statement final draft and reflection 1

I attached my first draft below, the instructor left a comment on what to improve. (This is a strong statement. I found the description of your tutoring duties to be most meaningful. A stronger opening sentence would help. Keep reviewing for word choice and insuring that you are presenting yourself as you want to be seen. Great job.) – professors feedback

make the necessary improvements and then in a separate document follow the instructions on the reflection of the personal statement assignment that I listed in the attached document as well.

After writing your personal statement, write a brief (around 1 page) reflection paper about your personal statement, your areas of strength and weakness for applying to graduate school, and ways that you could improve your preparation for graduate school. Be sure to include who you would ask for letters of recommendation (professors only, 3, and include department they work in, even if you do not state anyone’s name), and your strategy for getting good letters of recommendation.

Teresa Johnson

  • Head of Mathematics department (Hinds Community College)

Bryan McCachren

  • Head of Student Government (Hinds Community College)

Sheri Wallace

  • English Department (Hinds Community College)

you can use these three listed or non at all and just state a strategy for getting good letters of recommendations, or both.

thank you!