psychological disorder 13

I chose a “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner and I want to learn more the about psychological disorder which is demonstrated in the story.

Also, this paper should include summary of source-tell what’s it about.

Elaborative paragraph – how the sources inform the project

Citations should be at the top, hanging indentions follow after

Also include what critics say at the article or movie


The purpose of this assignment is to explore the current scholarly conversation and the cultural context of a selected short story and the film adaptation. Through this assignment we practice several different skills including:

  • Digital literacy skills- using the library databases and the web to find research
  • Evaluating sources- distinguishing between reliable and unreliable sources
  • Synthesizing information- summarizing, assessing, and reflecting on the sources in our annotations
  • MLA skills- formatting our citations and bibliographies appropriately


The audience for this piece is your instructor–so consider that when developing your piece: use formal language, reliable sources, well developed analytical annotations, MLA 8 (2016) format, etc.


1. Students will work collaboratively and individually to find a variety of resources relating both the short story and the film. Through a series of assignments both in class and for homework. The bibliography will consist of SIX resources of the following types:

1. Two resources will come from the J-Stor or MLA database.

2. One resources should be a popular media resource.

3. One resource should be reliable web resource.

***This excludes the short story and the film adaptation. So your Annotated Bibliography should have a total of six sources. ***

2. Using in class instructions, lectures, readings, and the Purdue OWL annotated bibliography guide students should format all sources in MLA 2016 edition with

annotations that assess, summarize, and reflect on the resource.

The resources should be in alphabetical order by last name or signal word.

Additionally, each resource should have a working, stable URL for each source. 3.