Public Health Care Problems

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    Public Health Care Problems
    The leading public health care problems in the U.S. are:

    • Mental disorders
    • Consumption of alcohol, nicotine, OTC drugs, and prescription drugs
    • The count for people suffering from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year is on the rise. This figure translates to approximately 57.7 million people currently (National Institute of Mental Disorder, 2008).
      In relation to problems regarding drugs, consumption of alcohol is considered as the leading problem. In addition, the consumption of Nicotine, OTC drugs, and prescription drugs are other prominent issues (McKenzie, Pinger, & Kotecki, 2008).
      Based on these statements, create a report in a Microsoft Word document, discussing the following:
    • Is the diagnosis of mental illnesses still viewed with a negative attitude as was done several years ago? Why or why not?
    • Are the local and national health care providers adequately responding to the needs of people suffering from mental disorders?
    • Should the local health care communities be held responsible for mandating specific care and treatment for the affected population? Why or why not?
    • What are the two major types of abused drugs and the age groups most likely to use them? Why is drug usage prevalent among these populations?
    • What roles should the state governments’ or private health agencies or organizations play in order to prevent and control drug abuse?
    • References:
      National Institute of Mental Disorder. (2008). The numbers count:  Mental disorders in America. Retrieved from
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