Public Health Law and Policy

Public Health Law and Policy

The session-long project will involve an in-depth study of a governmental role/program in public health. Your project will involve identifying responsible governmental agencies, describing current challenges and potential impact, proposing a public health policy, research pertinent laws, evaluate the ethical principles of laws/policies, financial impact, and sources of funding.

1.  Describe the following governmental role/responsibility: Act when health threats may span more than one state, a region, or the entire nation.

***Identify the agencies role/responsible at each level: federal, state, and local.

2. Describe the current challenges of coronavirus/COVID-19 and potential impact of these challenges to public health (related to the item you selected in #1)

3. Describe the goal of the proposed policy:

· Social Distancing

4. What is the supporting evidence for implementing this policy (social distancing)? Why?

5. How is this policy to be achieved?

6. Who is this policy intended to help?

7. Which agencies will implement this policy? Federal, State, Local or all? Why?

8. How cost-effective do you expect this policy to be?

9. How well do you anticipate this policy will be accepted, given the priorities, culture, values, and political climate?

10. What are your strategies for overcoming barriers in implementing the policy?

Length: Assignment should be between 3 and 4 pages (750-1000 words) in length, excluding the cover page and the reference list. Scholarly resources (3-4) required.

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