questions from the reading 6

Write 2 short question (maximum 2 sentences) about a specific passage in the reading (maximum 4 sentences) or about a specific feature of an object introduced in the reading, including a page reference for our benefit.

and answer the following questions.

“While the quadripartite social and political development of Mesoamer­ican civilization can thus be summarized fairly simply, however com­plex and puzzling it becomes when examined in detail, our knowledge of the development of the mythological tradition is not as clear. The difficulties arise from the fact that there are virtually no undeniably pre-Conquest narrative myths extant.”(page 25, The Source)

Why are these myths undeniable?

“For the men and women who initially populated our continents, those first Americans, were, after all, human beings like ourselves, and their myths, like ours, served to image forth the essential relationship between human psyche and the world it inhabits” (Markman 5-6)

What myths have we founded our current society on, and do we still adhere to those beliefs?