read an article and write an one page essay

Read Chuck Klosterman’s article Electric Funeral and write an one page essay. Please be in proper MLA format and a little bit more than one page. I have the e version of the article on the Bookshelf website. The account is ( and password is (Dd1234567890!). Bookshelf please read the article before writing. It’s on page 243. The requirment for the essay is:First, read Klosterman again carefully and annotate (mark up) thoroughly. Make sure that you are asking questions or writing your thoughts about the ideas presented in the text in the margins of your book.

Now, explain your annotations in a one-page essay. What comments did you make in the margins? Why? In one paragraph, practice more detailed active reading: focus especially on one specific passage in the text. What interested you about this passage? What words caught your attention? Why? What observations can you make about it or connections to previous readings? How does this passage contribute to Klosterman’s overall argument?