read and interpret the essay 1

Read and interpret this course texts in accordance with that perspective. The introduction should explain what a Transformation essay is. Define what a “mythic” perspective looks like in a short academic essay.

This essay should be about 3 – 4 pages long.

Then answer the list of questions.

What moral can be learned?

What was the hero’s journey?

How does it motivate people?

What knowledge is brought out from the underworld (or upper world—or general other world) of the hero?

Is there a hero?

How does it compare to other myths? Where does it fall in a history of similar myths?

Is it a cosmogonic or cosmologic story?

Does it follow the monomyth? If so, how?

How does it or doesn’t it fit the definitions of myth we’ve used in class?

What does it say/reveal about the culture that created it?

Please include a conclusion. This essay should be about 3 – 4 pages.