read attached article and write a one page review following the review format

^^^^^^^^^^^^ Article ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Format for the article review

The review will consist of critiques, factual information from the article, main theme, supporting ideas, and reflections on the article’s effectiveness.

The first paragraph will introduce the article’s title, name of the author, topic, the writer’s thesis statement and any literary devices used.

The body of the review will focus on expanding on the main idea and supporting arguments. Within the body of the review; students can include the supporting ideas and critiques. (Two short paragraphs)

The final paragraph will conclude the review with an objective opinion and a summary of the article’s effectiveness. Also, include your take on the author’s findings used as evidence to support the article’s claim.

Article Review Requirements

  • A one page review
  • Title and Heading
  • Work cited
  • Typed
  • Double spaced
  • 12 inch font
  • Include four quotes from the article