read quot socialize the grid quot article than answer the 3 question

Read “Socialize the Grid ,” than answer the 3 question

1) What is Robert’s proposing and how would his proposal function in other words, how would we fund it) – make sure you understand the proposal before beginning to evaluate it.

2) What do you see as the potential pros and cons of Robert’s idea of socializing or democratizing energy resources in a local community?

3). Do you agree with Roberts that energy should be democratized; i.e. , that private ownership of energy resources is too problematic to continue; that public ownership of the grid and a publicly funded industry would fix the energy problems we face or at least make for a better system? Why/why not?


Answer each question individually not as essay format

short answers 2-3 sentence, more if needed

very easy level of writing and English

write from perspective of “international student not christian”