read the attached file and answer the 3 question

Read the attached file and answer in well-written 4 to 5 complete sentences to the 3 following questions:

1-Morrison begins her speech with a parable, a short story meant to teach a lesson. What is the parable about? What lesson does it teach? Why does Morrison tell us that this story has different versions? How does Morrison link her parable to the writer and her language?

2-Morrison characterizes language as more than representation; she characterizes it as action. She writes, for example, “oppressive language does more than represent violence; it is violence” (13). What other examples does she give of represent violence; it is violence”(13). What other examples does she give of langauge-as-action? What injustices does she suggest are bred by unjust language? How does Morrison suggest that language creates people, or, at the very least. types of people?

3-By the end of her speech, Morrison rewrites the outcome of the introductory parable. The tale is no longer the story of youth holding the fate of a bird in their hands as a demonstration of power, but of youth with empty hands asking for a story. Why do you think Morrison revises this story? What effect does it have on readers? How does it help her to reshape the meaning of the speech