read the following situation and write a paragraph

Challenge #1- Eliciting Ideas

Participation norms differ greatly across cultures. Team members from more egalitarian and individualistic countries, such as the U.S. or Australia, may be accustomed to voicing their unfiltered opinions and ideas, while those from more hierarchical cultures, such as Japan, tend to speak up only after more senior colleagues have expressed their views. People from some cultures may hesitate to contribute because they worry about coming across as superficial or foolish; Finns, for example, favor a “think before you speak” approach, in stark contrast to the “shoot from the hip” attitude that is more prevalent among Americans.

Communication patterns may also make it difficult for people to participate equally in brainstorming sessions. Brazilians, for instance, are typically at ease with overlapping conversations and interruptions, viewing them as signs of engagement. But others, accustomed to more orderly patterns of communication, can feel cut off or crowded out by the same behavior.

Situation: You’re the manager and you’ve gathered your employees together to address the concern that your hotel needs to update the menus to improve the food for guests in your hotel. You’ve asked the group to brainstorm their ideas, but they are not all actively participating. What do you do? How do you get them all to give you feedback? Remember you value each of these employees and want to hear their thoughts.