reading response 289

Please, see the attached file for the article.

For each response, please consider what the topic and sources mean to you, what information they provide, what new ideas they stimulate. Then, write at least 700 words or display in digital form your judgments with careful analysis and thoughtful revision, in one of the following formats:

  • An essay as a formal report.
  • A personal blog that you may continue throughout the course. This will enable you to write, if you choose, in a more informal style, and you can quickly review your thinking from various lessons. If you want I can create a blog page in Canvas for you to develop or you can use an outside site.
  • An e-mail addressed to a friend or family member about your intellectual journey as prompted by the accompanying reading. This format can allow you to adopt a friendly style and to write in the first person.


NOTE: These questions differ slightly from those printed on the excerpt- please answer THESE questions below.

  1. In what ways does the Mexican American War (or the American Intervention in Mexico as it is known in Mexico) reflect the attitudes of the US people in regards to geographic expansion, race, and religion during the mid-nineteenth century?
  2. Why is it important to highlight the opposition to this war, as expressed by then Congressman Lincoln? Or conversely, do you think it is not important?