reaserch physlaw 102

You may choose any subject you like related to the course for your research. Below are some possible topics you can explore, you are free to choose something not on the list.

*This assignment will be linked to the presentation. After submission the individual/group must present the findings of the research and explain the subject.

*You may choose to work individually or in group of no more than 4 people

*The Rubric is attached here.

*minimum length is 2,500 words for group papers / 1,500 for individual papers

Possible Topics include:

Battered Women Syndrome

Violence Risk assessment

Forensic Psychology and the Legal System

Sentencing, Imprisonment and Alternatives

Civil Commitment

Criminal Profiling

Competency to Stand Trial

Procedures that Improve Eyewitness Testimony

The Insanity Defense

The Psychology of Terrorists

Juvenile Offenders