Reflect on the statement “Error in healthcare is inevitable.” Specifically, discuss the following questions:


5-1 Reflection Journal: Errors in Healthcare( two pages)


Reflect on the statement “Error in healthcare is inevitable.” Specifically, discuss the following questions:

· Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain why.

· What are the implications of accepting error as an essential constituent of delivering care?

· How can a root cause analysis assist with reducing errors?

· What technology or system changes can be used to prevent errors in clinical microsystems?

6-2 Reflection Journal: Measuring Effectiveness in Clinical Microsystems( two page)


Reflect on your work in Milestone One. In thinking about the barriers your client faces when managing their chronic disease, begin to compile research that you will need to complete Milestone Two—research on solutions, recommendations, and evaluations. Based on your research, address the following questions:

· Will any of the solutions you researched address more than one barrier for clients when managing the chronic disease you selected?

· Which solutions do you think will be most effective based on the requirements of your client and the clinical microsystem?

· What is one health-promotion activity you will propose? Why do you think this activity is appropriate given the chronic disease your client is managing?

· Who would be responsible for implementing the changes you are proposing? What leadership style should they use?

· How will you measure the effectiveness of your recommendations using the balanced scorecard model (solutions, health promotion activities, leadership styles)?

Note: Use your responses and the research you complete in this assignment to inform your second final project milestone, due in Module Seven.

9-1 Reflection Journal: Presence ( two page)


Reflect upon the concept of presence. Describe the strategies that emotionally competent leaders utilize to convey a sense of presence in a clinical unit. Analyze how you or a leader you have observed could acquire a higher level of emotional competence and what impact it would have on the working environment.

10-2 Reflection Journal: Concept of Leadership ( two page)


Congratulations! You have made it to the final module. For this final journal, reflect upon your concept of leadership. What are the essential attributes of an effective leader? Have your views changed as a result of your engagement in this course? Explain your response, using the literature to support your position.