reflection and final lesson plan submission

As early childhood education professionals, you must understand best practices, standards, and assessment and evaluation processes to be effective. In this Reflection, you will offer your perspectives on a number of guiding questions. Course Objectives  Explain the multiple components of curriculum designs appropriate for early childhood education.  Design and assess curriculum alignment with local, state, and national early learning standards.  Apply the concepts of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to appropriate instructional designs to meet the needs of all learners including those with special needs.  Design and evaluate an evidence-based curriculum that promotes physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language development in alignment to developmentally appropriate practice.  Demonstrate knowledge of effective teacher/family interactions, families’ cultural backgrounds, and how to involve families in the classroom.  Design a developmentally appropriate curriculum and learning environment which includes media and technology in early childhood settings.  Discuss NAEYC’s position statement on developmentally appropriate practice and the relevance to real-world early childhood education settings. Directions: 1) Save and print the Module 5 Reflection PDF. 2) Create a Word or text document for your response. 3) Use apa (6TH edition) format for the title page, references page, and in-text citations. 4) Follow the directions to submit your final Word or text document. Submit both Part 1 and Part 2 in the same document with the Part 1 response serving as an introduction to Part 2. Part 1: Reflection on Lesson Planning After reviewing the lesson plans posted by your peers and reviewing the peer responses posted to your lesson plans, is there anything you would do differently in your own lesson plan? Why or why not? Develop a one-page reflection as an introduction to the final submission of the lesson plan.