reflection paper week 11 caron c 2017 speaking up about bullying on youtube teenagers vlogs as civic engagement in canadian journal of communication

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WEEK 11, November 21: Assignment due on Quercus on November 21, by 5 pm, at the latest

*Caron, C. (2017). “Speaking Up About Bullying on YouTube: Teenagers’ Vlogs as Civic Engagement”, in Canadian Journal of Communication, 42(4), 645-668

(1) Building on Caron’s research, explain if teenagers’ vlogs may function as platforms for civic engagement.

(2) In your view, what are the most effective ways to raise awareness about cyberbullying among high-school students? Think of at least two solutions and motivate your response.

You will submit reflection paper of at least 500 words each via Quercus.

You are required to choose three questions of this list. Each of them contains several sub-questions, so please read everything carefully.

The assignments will test your reading comprehension and your critical thinking abilities (your ability to challenge the author, building on her/his arguments, or to engage in role-playing).

The papers should be carefully written: clear, concise, without grammar or spelling errors.

Assignments will be submitted via Quercus, before lecture (see below), by 5 pm at the latest.