Renaissance Period


Three paragraphs, answering the following questions.

1) Identify what was Humanism and how did the artwork of Michaelangelo connect to the growth of secular expression? Does this in any way connect to earlier secular thought in the late Middle Ages? Use the Agony and the Ecstasy excerpt to guide your response.

2) Who was Erasmus and what do his writings and teachings on philosophy explain about the separation of church and state (ideologically) during the Renaissance? How would such ideas later influence reformers of the Church? Were such ideas radical in their respective time? Explain.

3) Machiavelli represents the introduction of Real Politik. How do his ideas of political leadership both contradict the church’s teachings and yet also represent the realities of the leadership and expectations of Renaissance kings and princes? Examine the life of Cesare Borgia and also the Di Medici family of Florence to support your research.