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Topic: Info Tech in Global Economy


Chapter 15 – From the week’s chapter reading, we learn from the author’s case studies that, despite the alleged importance of scientific advice in the policy-making process, its evident that scientific results are often not used. Why? The authors proposed a science-policy interface that would be realized by the inclusion of information visualization in the policy analysis process. That way, the gap between both fields can be addressed based on the current challenges of science-policy interfaces with visualizations.

Chapter Q#1: According to Shneiderman and Bederson (2003), information visualization emerged from research in human-computer interaction, computer science, graphics, visual design, psychology, and business. With this revelation in mind:

  • Identify and name the benefits associated with information visualizations?

Chapter Q#2: According to Abdou et al., (2012), the term social simulation can have several types of simulation and modeling of which agent-based modeling (ABM) is the most popular one. For the same reason, the ABM can be described as a what?


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