report about mechanical engineering

please check the attached files, sourcing that used during conduction this research. the report is about History of Mechanical Mechanical Engineering. this course is about technical writing so please follow the guidelines that I attached. The areas to be covered in introduction, discussion, and conclusion are attached separately. please, please, please track the information that you used in this assignment , any references should be in another document copied and highlighted. I already start with the research.

please make sure to follow the below design instruction:

  • 12-point Times New Roman
  • Single-space within paragraphs
  • Double-space between paragraphs
  • No first-line paragraph indents
  • Bold first-level headings (discussed later)
  • Underlined second-level headings (discussed later)
  • Italicized third-level headings (discussed later)
  • Page number centered at the bottom of each page