report assignment 3

Once you have completed the Marketplace Simulation, submit a written report of how the 1.5 year assignment went. Write the document as though you are reporting to the CEO of your parent company.

Make sure you include reasoning for your strategic decisions and report the outcome of those decisions. Include graphs and financials as support.

Strategic decisions you will want to address include:

  • Use of the parent company’s investment
    • Where did you spend it?
    • What was the ROI?
  • Global presence
    • Expansion strategy
    • Current market share by location and segment
    • Sales numbers
  • Brand performance
    • Design
    • Cost
    • Pricing
    • Brand Judgement
    • Research and Development
  • Customers
    • Desires (by segment)
    • Willingness-to-Pay
  • Promotional Efforts
    • Advertising
    • Internet Marketing
    • Sales Force and Training
  • Recommendations for the future

This list is meant to guide you in the types of things you should have been thinking about. I do NOT want you to take this bullet list and give me one line answers. I also do not want you to keep the bullets as headings. Rather, I would like you to create a document that provides a clear picture of what you were trying to do with your business. Convince me that the choices you made were based on sound reasoning. If something didn’t work the way you expected, explain what you were trying to do, what happened, and how you adjusted.