report on axial fans


I need report for (Axial Fans). I want the report it will be 15 pages.

the Axial Fans fall under Hydraulic Machines course.

The report should contain the following items as a base for writing:

1- Cover indicates student name, topic title.

2- Contents of the report.

3- Introduction (background about the item and its importance) including comment why each select the corresponding topic.

4- Major text shall consider at least the following sub-items:

a. Concept of work.

b. Types.

c. Performance Analysis.

d. Applications.

e. Basics of selection.

5- Conclusion describes the personal comments about the recommendations needed.

6- References from which the data was obtained in the following form: Authors, “Title”, Publication, edition number, year of publication for every book or paper, only official internet resources can be included.

Thank you