Reporting on Pompeii, history homework help

Now that you have learned about the lost city of Pompeii, your assignment is to create a newspaper, video newscast, weblog, or radio address reporting on the events that occurred in 79 CE. Although it has been nearly 2000 years since Vesuvius buried Pompeii under 18 feet of ash and pumice, the story continues to mesmerize the world.

Assignment Guidelines

Style: (10 points)

  • Written as if by a reporter: The first paragraph will tell basic information about the event: what happened, when, where, who? Other paragraphs will give details and background information. (minimum 5 paragraphs)
  • Should include interviews or descriptions by eye-witnesses of the event—create realistic accounts based on your research.
  • As always, no plagiarism. Use your own words.

Content: (40 points)

  • Answers important questions: What/Where/When/How/Why/Why Important?
    • Describe the event in detail.
    • Describe the city and citizens of Pompeii.
    • Describe the discovery of Pompeii and issues facing the archeological site today.
  • Include an accurate timeline of events.
  • Include images to enhance and illustrate report.
  • Report should be well researched and present accurate information. Cite your sources.