research design and methodology 1

Have you ever thought, “If we only did it this way, we could do it better” or “I’d love to introduce a new idea to our team” or “I’d like to understand how a particular system operates”, then perhaps as you think about developing your Senior Project, you can use this as an opportunity to work towards refining your professional skills and create change in your workplace.  Thinking about a problem or opportunity you want to undertake for Senior Project, what are some possible areas related to your current work or future work, that you have an interest in exploring?   What role do you see research playing in your idea?  Respond by offering your thoughts and ideas about your colleagues’ ideas to two additional colleagues.

Post a substantive response to the question (minimum 250 words).FILLER TEXTThe  respond to the following two students in a substantive way (minimum 100 words)

(Taras)FILLER TEXTI want to build an extremely prosperous clothing company that is infinitely underground. I have been consciously and subconsciously problem solving the roadblocks of the creation of this kind of brand for the past few years. This stands as a difficult process because companies generally have to leave the “underground” classification to enter extreme prosperity. This is because mainstream marketing to large demographic drives volume sales and volume sales is what brings in the big bucks. Furthermore, once a clothing company enters this classification, their identity begins to become murky and the expression on which they created themselves on becomes limited and generic. This is because investors steadily increase their control until enthusiast clothing is eliminated and the best selling pieces are all that remain. In those regards, I plan to pursue the creation and growth of this rare segment of clothing company. Research enters into this equation when considering the variables that make existing companies in this segment. Questions such as:

“What makes people fork over big money to underground brands?”

“What anti-marketing approaches have been used for growth?”

“What kind of clothing and printing is best for this kind of brand”?

“What first steps did they take?”

And most importantly

“What first steps were taken at the earliest conception of these brands?”

Through these questions and pursuits. I plan to create an expressive and limitless clothing brand that sells expensive apparel without any traditional marketing and without conforming to mainstream rules. Research will be the outlet to understanding everything to do and not do going further.

(Alexis)FILLER TEXTFILLER TEXTI am currently employed and have been employed at a family practice in Oak Park for the past five years. There have been many changes and expansions since I started. I have a few ideas that I would like the practice to explore in the future that I think would be beneficial to the safety of the patients and staff. I would love to introduce a crisis plan or start a crisis planning committee so we can be prepared in the event of an emergency. The only thing we currently have in place is evacuation procedures in case there is a fire. Larger scale organizations have different codes and colors that alert the staff of imminent danger and emergencies. I would love to put something into place to help us plan for the unexpected and help us recover after a crisis. 

Unfortunately, we live in a time where we need to be prepared for things such as active shooters, aggressive and combative patients with mental health issues and several other instances that could put patients and staff in danger. I would like to research how smaller organizations have achieved this and set up the necessary orientation and training needed to execute these plans. Along with crisis planning, I think it would also be beneficial to create a post crisis plan to cater to not only the physical needs but also the mental needs of staff and patients after a crisis. I would like to put evacuation procedures in place, emergency supplies, and contingency plans in place to protect us all in the organization.