research essay 85

The Task:

From the text ‘The man who was almost a man’ by Richard Wright, perform a close, analytical reading, using the techniques for objective critical analysis that you have learned this semester, explaining the literary techniques and devices used by your chosen author to make her or his work function as literature. Use secondary critical resources to support and complexify your arguments and points. The task is textual analysis, that and that alone.

The Method:

Compose in MLA format a research essay of at least 1500 words, using a minimum of four secondary sources that address some aspect of the text you choose to analyze. (While you are encouraged to use it, the OED is a primary, not a secondary, source, and does not count toward your minimum.) Source material may be drawn from actual books and periodicals in the university library system, or from books and articles in Galileo databases. Material from non-GSU sources will not count toward the research requirement, and the use of it is discouraged. Do not summarize plots or provide biographies of the author. This essay is not about the author; it is about the text.

The Caveats:

You are obliged to have familiarized yourself with proper MLA formatting and citation. This information is found easily online, at the OWL Purdue website, and has been covered in class. I expect professionally clean and error-free copy, with no typos or mechanical or grammatical errors. Papers not following these guidelines will be penalized accordingly. Failure to submit your essay in MLA format results in an automatic zero. Failure to provide sufficient, relevant source material results in an automatic zero. Failure to properly acknowledge the use of secondary material with internal parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page constitutes plagiarism and will result in an automatic zero. No exceptions will be made. Make sure you quote and cite, both internally and in your works cited page.

As always, please feel free to conference with me.

Notes: Please used these links as two of the four secondary sources