research essay outline 1

Use formal outline format, 2 – 3 pages. This is the skeletal framework for your essay. The more details you include in your outline, the easier your rough draft will be to write. The indentions are important. They tell the reader the topics and subtopics of your essay.

This outline must be in MLA format. The outline is the skeletal framework of your entire paper. It must be well organized. Each section should flow smoothly into the next so it is fluid and reader friendly. This is an argumentative research paper, so make sure your thesis is strong and clear. Write for an audience who is familiar with the author, but not with the particular theme you are exploring. Make your outline detailed enough to fill 3 to 4 pages. This step in the writing process will make writing the actual essay format research paper much easier, as it will provide the structure of the essay, and then you will simply have to fill in the details.

I will send all the sources.