research on a specific culture and product

Group Project: Ethnic Community Study

Students will conduct a market analysis of an ethnic community in Southern California. The purpose of the group project is to enable you to apply or practice the international marketing concepts you learned in class. This research will be presented in two parts. The first part is an observational research report. The second part is an analysis of market opportunities in the community.

Observation Report

a. Physical description of community area.
b. Breakdown of businesses in the area to determine

i. types of establishments ii. size of establishments iii. nationality of ownership

c. Customers in the stores (including at least one grocery store and a bakery or a restaurant or another shop)

i. age
ii. children shopping with parents?
iii. ethnic background?
iv. live in area, drive in from some other area?

d. Observed cultural differences that may have an impact on business?

e. Observed differences in retail store layout, product selections, prices, promotional offers, and other business aspects.

f. Demographics and statistics on the ethnic community (the ethnic group background in the U.S.A).

Market Opportunities

Based on the information you gathered in the first part of the project, pick a product or service as a good investment opportunity from the community you chose.

a. Target market or segment in the American market. b. Market offering

a. product
b. price
c. place
d. promotion

c. Justification for above choice, how it could fit into the use in the American market.

d. Competition, substitutes, complements.

e. Potential implementation action plans. Please note:

  1. 1) Adequate research has to be done with respect to immigrant or ethnic community before conducting the observational research. APA citation should be utilized to show the information sources.
  2. 2) Some photos need to be taken to show the community establishments, store layouts, unique products, surprising price or promotional offers. At least two team photos with all team members in the ethnic community should be included.
  3. 3) Each team is required to submit the report in writing. In addition to the criteria used to evaluate those pointed out in the guidelines and grading outlines, grammar, spelling and neatness will be considered in evaluating the written report. The written project should be typed (using a word processing package), single-spaced, 10-12 Times New Roman, and approximately 7 to 10 pages in length (excluding cover page, exhibits, photos, and bibliography). Make sure you follow the grading outline, use appropriate headings and subheadings, and page numbers.
  4. 4) To “persuade” each group member to participate in the group project, peer evaluations will be considered when giving individual grades for this project. The peer evaluation questionnaire link is posted on Canvas.
  5. 5) Also check the group project requirements on syllabus.
  6. 6) Please note that Turnitin is used for this assignment. So, make sure to paraphrase thecited information appropriately.