research paper about the print books and e books

Write a 6-7 page (single-sided, double-spaced, with regular margins, typed in Times New Roman, about 1500 words) research essay that demonstrates the skills you have been developing this term: 1) reading arguments critically, 2) assessing evidence and support, 3) developing your own opinion, and 4) engaging in a written academic discussion. Please read the wyt2 first, then read wyt1. wyt2 is the article, wyt1 is the essay i wrote for the wyt2 article. You need write a research essay about this topic(print books and e-books), but this time write a research essay about your own opinion. You need to do some research and use it in your essay for proof. The reqiuriment is on the wyt3 file. If you have any question, feel free to ask.