research paper identify a irl problem and propose a solution 1

For this assignment, you need to demonstrate that you can 1) write a formal proposal using a conventional format and 2) prepare an appropriate research plan for your recommendation report.

To begin, you will identify a real-life problem that needs to be solved by someone that you know (a supervisor, friend, co-worker, etc.). You will prepare a proposal, addressed to your decisionmaker, in which you convince this person to support you in your efforts to conduct research and recommend a solution to the problem. You will need to talk with your decision-maker as you prepare the proposal to gather information about the background of the problem and potential appropriate solutions.

The proposal should identify the problem to be solved, outline the plans for your research, and convince your decision-maker that you are the appropriate person to conduct the research. The proposal should not include the results of your research. You will present the results of your research in the next assignment, the recommendation report.

Your research plan must include two methods of research: one method should be an interview and the other can be a research method of your choice. This second research method can include library research, Internet research, surveys, or any other method discussed in your textbook. You can use more than two methods if appropriate for your project. The “deliverable” you are promising in your proposal is a recommendation report: you will present the findings of your research and the recommended solution in a formal report to the decision-maker.

Your proposal should be presented as a formal proposal written to the appropriate decisionmaker. It should follow the conventions for formatting, organization, structure, and tone for proposals, as described in the textbook. The document should be 2-4 single-spaced pages. The proposal should include all of the following:

Identifying information (To:, From:, Date:, and Subject:): Write the proposal to your real-world client/decision-maker. Introduction: Provide an overview of the project and your proposal. Clearly explain the problem that your research will address and why this problem needs a solution.

Research Plan: Identify and describe each of your research methods in detail. You should be specific about what research methods you will use, what sources you will consult, and why these research methods are the most appropriate for your project. Include interview questions, survey questions, and other research tools as appropriate. Explain why you have selected these particular research methods over others. You are required to conduct at least one interview for this project.

Qualifications: Describe why you are qualified to complete the research and why you are the appropriate person to solve this problem.

Task Schedule: Outline a timeline for completion of the project. This timeline should take into consideration the deadlines for assignments as outlined in the course syllabus.

Evaluation: Your proposal will be evaluated based on the following:

Persuasion: All of the above sections are required. Each section should include an appropriate level of detail to effectively persuade your reader that you understand his/her needs, that you have decided on a carefully designed research plan, and that you are committed to and capable of completing the research.

Identification of problem: The report should clearly identify a problem to be solved and name the appropriate decision-maker for that problem.

Research design: The proposal should describe, in detail, two research methods. You should not only describe what research methods you will use, but why they are the best for your project. Justify why you are using these methods and these sources. Some preliminary research may be necessary to arrive at a solid research design. You are required to conduct one interview for this project.

Format: Content should be arranged according to the conventions of structures of formal proposals.

Visual design: Your proposal should have consistent headings, hierarchies, font styles and sizes, margins, and spacing throughout, i.e., it should look professional Mechanics: Proposal should be free from grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors.