research paper with powerpoint

Publix Company

🔴 Part one ( paper)

10-12 pages paper that ties it all together.

🔷 Introduction

Studying the organization culture and the leadership structure of Publix will help identify the factors behind the company’s success and the challenges that it faces. Organizational leadership and corporate culture are intertwined and have a huge impact on the organization’s performance.

• Executive Summary including how you approached the assignment, what angle you’re taking, and a synopsis of what follows

🔷 Selected Company ( Publix)

🔸 Overview of the company

• Background of the Company including their WHY, purpose, mission, culture, values, etc.. But don’t go overboard. Just enough information so we understand the company. Don’t create a Wikipedia page.

🔷 OB topic(s)

•Reference these principles as you unpack your findings to support why things are happening

•Provide facts and anecdotal evidence to support your findings

🔸 Organizational culture

1. Beliefs, Values , and Assumptions

2. Organization’s environment

🔸leadership Style

1. Workflow

2. Accountability

3. Authority


🔸 Organization website

🔸Online research databases

🔸Field study

A- Interviews with the managers ( the interview is attached)

1. Eric (customer services’ manager)

2. T.J (assistant of customer services’ manager)

🔷Team member roles and responsibilities

( use this following information in the Executive Summary or any where if you need to )

1. Jack : He plays the role of the project leader and he is responsible for overseeing its successful competition, planning team meetings.

2. Ozil : He wrote the interview’s questions that helped us to understand the organization behaviour.

3. Willy : Hw was responsible for Contacting the company and arrange a meeting date and time.

4. Kim : This member was responsible for organizing the research information obtained, observations made, and analysis of the organization.

🔴 Part two

Powerpoint Presentations

( Provide notes for each bullet point you write in the presentation )

•Pretend as if you are a management consulting firm brought in to asses the situation and provide your findings to the Company

•Videos are fine as long as they add value to the presentation and not used as filler

•Images are often more powerful than words – use as needed

•It can follow a similar flow of the paper but don’t just copy blocks of text from your paper into the slides

•Summarize at the end with what you’ve learned, key takeaways, and any surprises you found


The Interview…