Research paper

Professor’s istructions.

Paper on California Missions should be 5-8 pages typed and double-spaced (less than five  FULL pages will affect grade). Font 12. One inch margins. In addition, paper should include a cover page and bibliography. Do not zip paper, cover page and bibliography, send as one attachment in a Private Message. Cite quotes and facts as needed. Limit citations and none should be longer than one sentence. Paper should discuss the California Missions. 1-2 pages with an overview of the Mission system (what was it, why was it established, was it successful, its impact on the development of California). Then pick one mission and discuss it in some detail. You should use the text as a source (chapter 6) and at least two other sources and be sure they are in the bibliography. There are lots of books on the missions, or you can google and use websites (evaluate their reliability). 

Personal analysis is expected. Quality of writing will be a factor in determining grade. Be aware that plagiarism will result in failure and be reported to administration. Note that papers will be checked for plagiarism. Optional: You may submit a rough draft for review before due date. Deadline for rough drafts is May 9. Be sure to specify that it is a rough draft. 

Submit papers as a word document (.doc or docx), using an attachment to a Private Message in Etudes. After clicking on Attach you may have to scroll down to find Browse tab to locate document on your computer. Do not use separate files for cover page or bibliography. Feel free to submit papers before the due date but if you do so identify that it is the final submission.

My instructions.

Please be as detailed as possible. The main textbook is Elusive Eden A New History of California