research plan preparation 3

I have completed two project, first, topic exploration worksheet using primary and secondary sources and second project is secondary sources analysis. The professor wants me to revise the question I created using the feedback she gave me. You have to complete the worksheet(Research Plan Preparation Worksheet)(provided) for this. Please follow the instruction in the pdf file and rubric. I have attached all the necessary files. Feedback from professor are included in the word file for project 1 and 2

  • In this assignment, in the research process is to create a research plan that compiles primary and secondary sources.
  • First, applying what you just learned about narrowing research questions, revise your research questions from your Topic Exploration Worksheet.
  • Explain how you approached revising your research questions to assist your instructor in understanding your approach. This will help you draft an introduction to a hypothetical research paper with a strong thesis statement.
  • Finally, applying what you have learned about comparing primary sources and analyzing secondary sources, do a deeper dive into the primary sources you listed in Part 3 of your Topic Exploration Worksheet to help you start your research plan. Describe what these sources add to your understanding of your selected topic.
  • The feedback you receive from this assignment should be implemented as you work towards your Research Plan and Introduction in Theme: Interpreting History.
  • To complete this assignment, download and complete the Short Response: Research Plan Preparation Worksheet,